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Talented personnel are the primary capital of our enter-prise. We pursue a policy of human resources with strict, standard and scientific meth-ods. The ability of a person determines their...


  Haicheng Petroleum Machinery Manufacture (Group) Co., Ltd. (HPMM) was established in 1956, a large enterprise that producing oil drilling equipments in China, which is the first-level network supplier of oil drilling equipment to CNPC & SINOPEC, one of the 50 top enterprises in the field of drilling equipment industry and the strategic partner of GWDC.
  The group contains:
    "Hong Kong Yuehu Energy International Co., Ltd."
    "Liaoning Petroleum Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd."
    "Liaoning Ruifeng Special Vehicle Manufacture Co., Ltd."
    "Liaoning Liaohe Drilling Engineering Co., Ltd."
    "Liaoning Province Shale Gas Development Co., Ltd."
    "Haicheng Petroleum Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd."
    "Tieling Might Sun Enery Co., Ltd."
    "Haicheng Tiger Petroleum Machinery Trade Co., Ltd."




Enhancing customer value is always the marketing goal of HPMM, and the enterprise ...


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Contact address:Xisi Town, Haicheng City, Liaoning Province, China    Tel:+86 412 367 1301  Fax:+86 412 367 1868    post code:114218    Website:

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